With a passion for bringing ideas to life through stunning visuals, Vreck is a freelance illustrator dedicated to providing exceptional custom artwork. From book covers to logos, Vreck creates unique designs that make a lasting impression.

From his sketches made in another era, alongside floor plans, sections, façades and perspectives, Vreck’s creativity fulfills now in illustration. Fueled by keen observation and an offbeat imagination, he stages moments of life and creates other worlds or situations that are sometimes strange, but always meaningful.
Balance, meticulous composition, and a singular point of view give structure to these pieces of moment captured like a freeze-frame of a story that invites you to tell its end.


Vreck is an experienced international illustrator, renowned for his stunning visuals. He has a passion for creating illustrations for books, magazines, advertising and marketing campaigns, and more.

A propos de Vreck

Vreck works closely with each client to create bespoke creations tailored to their needs, whether that’s a one-off project or an ongoing collaboration.


With a portfolio that spans digital media, print media, corporate design, and web design, Vreck is available to work with clients both nationally and internationally.